Duc Tri Secondary and high school is private school with nearly 800 students studying education program 2 sessions/day. Established in June 2010, school has been overcoming many difficulties to reach the target: taking care of comprehensive education and improving teaching quality. Now, there are 2 campuses,in District 7 and Phu Nhuan District.



We are building step by step high quality educational programs with modern facilities,  a good educational environment for student to study and participate in cultural- sports activities,skill clubs,… Our goals are to help students not only get high results in their studies but also develop  personality characteristics.


Strengths of the school:

- Most teachers are elders who have high specialized knowledge and many years experiences in teaching. The homeroom teachers with a sense of responsibility, create a good relation between school and parents’ students.


- Modern school facilities.

- Educational motto is holistic education, especially focusing on moral education for the student.


- Powerful political forces create a strong, stable team in school.    


- There are three training programs to help students get standard and advanced knowledge.

- Through a comprehensive inspection of Education and Training Department, all of the activities were evaluated well.


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