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Trường THCS & THPT Đức Trí


- Văn phòng: 40 Mạc Đĩnh Chi, P.Đa Kao, Quận 1, TP.HCM


- Cơ sở 1     : 39/23 Bùi Văn Ba, P.Tân Thuận Đông, Quận 7 - ĐT: (08) 3872 5556


- Cơ sở 2     : 742/10 Nguyễn Kiệm, P.4, Q.Phú Nhuận - ĐT: (08) 6261 4444


- Website    :

Teachers and homeroom teachers team

Teachers who have got have high specialized knowledge and good administrative management,  sense of responsibility and passion for work.


- They are key teachers of Advanced School 218 Ly Tu Trong- one of the few leading centers of Ho Chi Minh City which has been receiving trust from parents for many years.


- 100% native English teachers who teach communicative English program coming from AMA English Center and chosen carefully based on requirement of Duc Tri School.


- Homeroom teachers always follow students’ step by step activities at school.

Teaching and learning condition


- The number of students of each secondary class is maximum 30 and 35 for high class.


- The classroom is equipped with lights , fans, air conditioners , projectors , sound system.


- The functional room( physical , chemical, micro- computer ) system is equipped with air conditioning and fully teaching equipment.


- Standard library with thousands of reference books.


- Teaching plans, examinations, weekly menus , important announcements , as well as useful articles are updated regularly on school’s website.


- School bus system.


- Modern fire protection system is checked periodically.


School and student's family relation

The school always want to make a tight relation between school and student’s family. So it is done through many forms:


- Contacting book and daily diary book: They are fully noted about daily learning situation to help parents follow their children’s studying at school.


- Give a message via mobile phones to inform student’s parents about tasks and activities for the next day.


- The website is updated useful information: daily menu , notes , exams schedule , plan activities outside of class time , and news - special events at school.


- Parents Club where parents can share experience in teaching children as well as participate  educational seminar.


Study programme is full-day from Monday to Friday and half-day on  Saturday. The curriculum is combinated between classes, extracurricular activities and social- sports activities.


This is a  rigorous programme designed for many different age groups with the purpose is to help students get good standard knowledge as well as physical , personality and life skills development




- Students are studied the standard program of the Ministry of Education and Training . The purpose of this program is to help students acquire the basic knowledge as well as get the requirements of the current textbooks .


- Program of the Advanced School218 Ly TuTrong for 5 subjects:Literature , Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry and English . This program helps students have more time to review the standard deep knowledge learned in 1stprogram , and further cultivate knowledge through the application type exercises to improve , to equip them sound knowledge  to pass on University and College Exam in the future .


- Communicative English and  international certificates program are taught by 100% native teachers of AMA Center who have got CELTA  international certificate or equivalent , to help students  improve  English ability as well as  confidence in communication . Besides the program is designed to develop comprehensive English language skills and create a solid foundation for important international exams such as KET , PET , FCE , IELTS and TOEFL iBT .




- The school is very focused on education for their kindness, truthfulness, sense of personal responsibility towards his family and society through thematic activities about personal and sex education.


- They will be trained skills and values of life to improve independent living, survival and integration capacity in the community through formal education, extracurricular education and social activities.


- The school also organizes camping trip combined exciting real-world learning for students to promote creativity, boldness, confidence, expand the student's understanding and foster love of country


- Physical education program includes : badminton, martial arts, soccer, swimming, handball ....

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